Newborn FAQ

When should I schedule my newborn session?
You should contact us during your pregnancy to book a newborn session. Your due date will be penciled in and the session finalized once your little one arrives. In order to capture that curly, womb like behavior, newborns are best photographed under 10 days old with the best window at 6-8 days. This 6-8 day period is ideal since babies are still very sleepy and will easily curl into those sweet newborn positions. Once you are booked, I leave a window around your due date to make sure we get you in during this 2 week period.

Do you practice newborn safety?
Of course! Any difficult shot is done with a composite. There are absolutely no hanging babies in our studio! You may laugh at this but there are so many photographers out there who do not realize that these difficult shots are created in PhotoShop with composites….not photographed in camera. There is an assistant (or parent) spotting the baby at all times. Please make sure you ask this question when choosing a newborn photographer. If the photographer does not know what a composite is….consider that a big red flag and keep looking.

Where is our session held and do you provide the props?
Newborn sessions are held in our cozy, home studio in Braselton, GA where we have access to our wide variety of newborn props and backdrops. I have tons of newborn props to use with your little one. My studio is full of fabrics, faux furs, headbands, hats, pant sets, wraps, crates, baskets, buckets, wooden bowls and tons of other goodies in a multitude of colors. All you need to bring with you is baby! All props and fabrics are washed and cleaned before each session. If you have specific color requests, just let me know ahead of time and I will prepare setups in the colors you prefer.

Is it ok for me to take photos during the session?
We request that you leave the camera at home. You have hired us for our expertise in documenting this precious time with your baby. Relax and let us handle the photos for these few hours. There will be plenty of time for you to take photos once you get your little one home.

What should we wear?
I ask that the parents bring  a solid white and solid black top to be photographed with their baby. Newborn/parent photos are photographed with a simple background focusing on the beauty of the bond between parent and child.

Are parent and sibling shots included with the session?
They are included only with our Deluxe Newborn Session. Up to 2 siblings. If you have toddlers to be photographed with your newborn, please let us know ahead of time. We do those shots at the beginning of the session. We recommend that you have someone with you who can take your toddler for the afternoon once their portion of the session is complete. A newborn session can last 2-3 hours and we understand that little ones easily get bored.

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Still have questions? Please send me and email or give me ring. I will be more than happy to go over all of your questions or concerns about a newborn session with your little one. Hope to hear from you soon!